Fight Song

When looking forward to the spring,
One thing you canít deny:
The Blue Jay team in blue and black
Will surely catch your eye.
No matter if itís sun or rain,
The team will play their best.
The Jays and fans will always know
Theyíre better than the rest.

Hereís to our Blue Jay team.
Hereís what we say:
Learn. Play ball. Love the game.
For thatís the Blue Jay baseball way.

We may be forced to play our games
At nasty Harvell Park,
And yes, we have a dirt infield,
But lights will rid the dark.
Itís where the city finally fixed
The second base loose bagó
But Ed Price is where Hunter made
Two stretched out diving snags.


Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose,
Thatís why we play the gameó
But coaches on the other side
Donít always feel the same.
When one coach said that David
Shouldnít smile, we were stunned.
Then Cameron walked up to the plate,
And hit a big home run.


But not all memories are made
Out on the field of fun;
The dugout, too, has seen its share of
Goofiness and puns.
Who can forget sweet Meredith?
Or all the sounds that come
From players and their body parts
While cheering teammates on?


And when itís time to hang our cleats
Up for another year,
We look back on the times weíve had
With happiness and cheer.
And when itís time to say farewell,
With other things to start,
ďOnce a Blue Jay, always a JayĒ
Will stay within our hearts.

Music: "On, Brave Old Army Team" by Philip Egner
Lyrics: Ann Little