Blue Jays Manager: David Little

     David has over 30 seasons of coaching experience. He is currently a college professor and holds a Ph.D. After graduation from West Point, he served in the 82nd Airborne Division. David brings leadership and instructional expertise to the Blue Jays. In addition, his background is an asset to families seeking advice about the college admissions process.

     David and his family are members of Saint Michael Lutheran Church in High Point.

     On the field, his managerial philosophy includes fast-paced practices that include variety and competition to assure that every player has a role to help the Blue Jays win.

     On offense, Manager Little encourages selflessness at the plate and intelligence on the bases while emphasizing the importance of accumulating quality at-bats. Defensively, he wants solid fundamentals so the pitching staff can pitch to contact instead of the strikeout. Behind the plate, he wants catchers to have the opportunity to call pitches and defensive alignments by themselves.

Colby Jones - Roving Instructor/Pitching Coach

     Colby is a member of the Blue Jays Hall of Fame for his outstanding performance over four seasons; he holds the records for career wins, pickoffs, and caught stealing percentage. As the Blue Jays' greatest big-game pitcher, he pitched the team's first no-hitter in 2013 and was an integral part of conference wins in 2014.

     Colby currently attends (and pitches for) Greensboro College.

Brian Teague - Third Base Coach

     Brian has had extensive experience as a head coach prior to joining the Blue Jays in 2014.

     As third base coach, Brian routinely exercises the Blue Jays' potent team offense to exploit the holes in the opponent's defense.